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It’s good to start from birth in the bath tub of your home. Babies can start entering the pool from 3-4months. It’s good to have the parent and the baby swimming together until 3-4 years old.

Normally the duration of the lesson is 30 to 60 min.


Learning to swim is a process, not a product. We teach them to love the water whenever the child is opened, relaxed and ready with its own unique pace. It’s game where everybody wins both parents and babies.

Baby swimming improves the muscle tonus, endurance and the strength. Better coordination balance and blood flow is achieved. It creates confident, self-secured kids that have better and more relaxed sleep.


When you want to visit the class, just have in mind that you have to take a diaper – multiple use or for one use only. You need a swimming suit, anda swimming cap.

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